100 Press Up Challenge

The Press Up targets the chest, shoulders and arms and is a fantastic bodyweight exercise that can be performed anywhere with no equipment. The British Army and many other military establishments make their soldiers complete many sets of press ups to maintain peak physical condition.

During British Army Officer Selection tests you will be required to complete as many Press ups as possible in a 2 minute time limit. The pass rate is follows:

Men – 44

Women – 21

Whether you are here because you are planning to join the Army or just want to improve your strength and fitness, we would like to share a great resource and website called One Hundred Pushups.

Ok, so you might have already guessed that by calling it a “push up”, it´s an American site – however there is a fantastic 6 week training program that will enable you to complete 100 Press ups, no matter what level you start at.

There is also an Iphone App and book available that offers the complete training program with useful advice, knowledge and strategy to achieve your goal.

Here at Army Fitness Test, we don´t usually promote or link to other sites but this time we truly believe that this is a great resource and should not be missed.

Get the full App now by following this link!

We have seen many various training plans and challenges but think that the structure and simplicity of this makes it one of the best available. You can start from any level and ability and move through the planned schedule, progressing when you are ready right up until you reach the ultimate goal.

One Hundred Push ups

Here you can see an example of the first week of training. Each session is split into three groups depending on your initial assessment and ability. The App and book provide complete instructions and tell you your target number of press ups for each set.

The book is available here:

We really hope you like this challenge and would like to hear your thoughts below. Let us know if you have already tried this challenge and if you managed 100 Press-ups!



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