60 Minute Killer Gym Circuit

60 Minute Killer Gym Circuit –

If you want to increase both strength and aerobic fitness, we challenge you to take on this monster circuit. Complete as many of the exercises as you can in one hour. Depending on your current fitness level or If you have less time, you can adjust the number of reps as necessary (e.g. – If you only have 30 minutes, reduce the reps by half)

If you are unsure how to perform any of the exercises, click on them to see an instructional video.

Each session aim to progress further or complete the circuit in less time. Record your results, Track your progress, Become a machine. 

Bench dips – 100 reps
Dumbbell press-up rows (5-10kg) – 50 reps
Body weight squats – 100 reps
Barbell curl and press (20kg) – 50 reps
Side plank – 3 minutes each side
Sit-ups – 100 reps
Lunges – 50 reps each leg
Plate row (10-20kg) – 100 reps
Leg lowers – 100 reps
Row – 4 x 500m – best effort
Treadmill – 2 x 800m best effort
Cycle – 2 x 2km – best effort

Mini Barbell Circuit – complete two circuits. Do each exercise for 30 seconds and move on, so 4 minutes in total. No Rest.
Barbell curls (10kg) – 30 seconds
Barbell shoulder press (10kg) – 30 seconds
Barbell upright rows (10kg) – 30 seconds
Barbell bent over row (10kg) – 30 seconds

Mini Floor Circuit – 10 press-ups followed by 20 burpees – Repeat 3 times without a rest.
Press-ups – 10
Burpees – 20

Have you tried this circuit? How did you get on? Tell us below.

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