Get Strong Without Leaving Your Home – Dumbbells

Few people realize the versatility and the incredible number of exercises that you can perform only with a pair of adjustable dumbbells. There is a whole world of possibilities and undiscovered exercises that get fantastic results, and it can all be done without going to the gym.


Training the whole body just with dumbbells

It is possible to execute a complete workout just with dumbbells?

Absolutely, and you don’t even need that special bodybuilding bench! You can use a normal chair, sofa and can even perform some exercises on the floor with a towel.

Working out at Home

A pair of adjustable dumbbells requires very little space and this is very useful to have at home. Many people simply do not have time or money to go to the gym. Many don’t even have access to decent fairly priced gym.

In addition, even for member there are time we would like to train in the days and the gym is closed, or it’s the same time that every other member is there and you find yourself queueing for machines or a bench.

A small homemade gym can have many advantages in relation to commercial gyms:

-          Privacy

-          Can train any day of the week, including weekends.

-          Equipment always available anytime.

-          Saving money. You just have to acquire and pay for the equipment once (adjustable dumbbells, weights, and other equipment you wish) and don’t need to spend money on monthly memberships.

-          Time saver. Don’t waste time in travelling to the gym. Sometimes this even stops you from going.

Some Recommended Exercises


-          Alternate Dumbbell Press

-          Alternate Front Rais

-          Bent Over Lateral Raise


-          One Arm Dumbbell Raise

-          Bent Over Row

-          Shoulder Shrug


-          Squat

-          Lunge

-          Front Squat


-          Incline Bench Press

-          Pull Over

-          Dumbbell Flyes


How to progress?

Make a sincere effort to perform all exercises slowly and in a controlled way, in order to make the most of your workouts.

Keep in mind that the best way to maximize the intensity of your workouts is to perform the exercises using a full range of motion with the correct technique, proper breathing (inhale when lowering the weight and exhale on the up) and a weight that allows the execution of exercises with the correct form.

In order to make progress, do your best to increase the number of repetitions that you perform week to week and try to increase the weight used in the exercises, but never to a point that prevents you from performing the exercise safely and with good form

Selecting The Right Dumbbells For You

We have spoken to a number of people who own a set of Dumbbells to find out the best value for overall quality among other benefits.

First of all you have the choice of the type of Dumbbell set you buy.

Normal Dumbbell sets have 2 Dumbbell bars and a range of various weights to place on Click to see pricing of this York Dumbbell setthe bars. The weights can be secured either by a spin lock that screws on to the bar or a quick release grip which makes it easier and quicker to change weights.



The second choice are fully adjustable Dumbbells that although are generally moreBruce Lee Adjustable dumbbells expensive, they offer the benefit of changing the weight without having to manually add and take off the weight plates. These are our favourite type and we would recommend adjustable Dumbbells if your budget allows for a good set.


The price of a basic set start at around £30 and some of the best adjustable sets are in excess of £400 (check out the Powerblock Flex Urethane U50 Powerblocks). Our advice is to consider the maximum weight that each Dumbbell can be adjusted to so that it can cater for your needs as you progress and get the best set you can afford. You do get what you pay for.

We have some recommendations divided into three price brackets. Click on each to read more details, see photos, get the current price and to read reviews from people who have already bought them on Amazon.

Budget – Under £50 – physionics® HSTA29 Dumbbell Weights Set 40kg

Intermediate – Under £100 – Vinyl EZ Curl Set 70Kg (Includes EZ Curl bar also for even more exercises)

Advanced – Under £200 -Orbus Adjustable Selective Dumbbells Set

Vinyl Complete Weight Set 100Kg (Includes EZ Curl Bar and 1.7 metre barbell bar)

Top End – Where price has no limit – Bodymax 2 x 32.5kg Selectabell Dumbbells


Dumbbells will help you to acquire strength and muscle mass in all the major muscle groups, simply with the use of your own pair of adjustable dumbbells.


Get Strong!

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