Recommended Exercises From The British Army

The British Army offer guidance on which Exercises will be of the most benefit in preparing for your ADSC (Army Development and Selection Centre) or AOSB (Army Officer Selection Board)

The exercises are basic and can be performed anywhere. Try each of them and record your best efforts with an aim to improve each week. This way your strength and stamina will develop quickly.

The Exercises

Upper Body

  • Press-Ups
  • Triceps Dip
  • Chin-Ups

Core Strength

  • Sit-Ups
  • Dorsal Raises

Lower Body

  • Squats
  • Heel Raises
  • Lunge

There are many variations of the above exercises and if you perform these in the gym you can easily add weight to Chin-Ups, Squats and Lunges.


Remember to warm up before beginning any workout and to warm down properly at the end to avoid injury.






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