Ten tips for fast improvement

Here are ten quick and simple tips to help improve your level of fitness. Apply them to your current fitness plan or to one of our great workouts here on the Army Fitness Test website.


Start an Uphill battle

Don´t stick to running on a flat road or treadmill, include hills and inclines to increase the amount of calories you burn Your heart will work harder which will lead to it becoming stronger. This will also a great way to increase leg strength.


Train with purpose

Get one of the many available apps for tracking workouts, weights lifted and calories burned. To improve it is essential to know how good you were the session before. Set goals and targets to smash.


Turn it up a notch

Circuit training is fast, intense and hard. It gets quick results and is perfect for days when you have less time but still want a good full body workout. Pick between 6-8 exercises with a mixture of cardio and resistance training and work through each one with no rests in between. At the end of the circuit give yourself a few minutes rest, then start again.


Get some fresh air

The gym can get boring. Fact. When possible, take on new challenges and add variety to your fitness regime. Get off the smooth roads and try offroad mountain biking or trail running. This will call upon your stabilizer muscles to improve balance and all round endurance.


Hard and Fast, soft and slow

Interval training is one of the key ways to improve your fitness in the shortest amount of time. Combine high intensity activity with equal amounts of recovery and alternate between the two. If on the street, use lampposts as markers and sprint between two, and then walk between the next two. Repeat until your body is screaming for a rest.


Put the Kettle(bells) on

Kettlebell training is a great way to improve cardio and build strength. One Kettlebell session a week will improve lung capacity and increase your maximum heart rate.


On time, Every time.

Consistency is the best way to get solid results and by getting into a routine you reach your goals quicker. Your body is able to adapt to the times that you train so even if getting up 1 hour early every morning is difficult to begin, it will get easier quickly.


Fist Pump

If you are using treadmills or steppers, don´t use the handrail. Pump your arms in rhythm to your leg movements to increase the effectiveness of the workout.


Make your ears bleed (not literally)

Listening to music that motivates you will help to improve your workout and also make it more enjoyable. Stick the Rocky soundtrack on your Ipod and visualize you goals.


Get a friend

Knowing that someone else is waiting for you at the gym makes it much harder to skip sessions and will also make your training more fun. Challenge each other to see who can meet their individual goals faster.

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