Officer Fitness Tests

Starting as an Officer in the army, you will be in charge of a team of approximately 30 Soldiers. Having a high level of fitness is an essential attribute to have in order to be successful.

To complete the selection process, you will attend the AOSB Briefing and then progress to the AOSB Main Board. To pass Officer selection you will be required to complete all below tests.

The main fitness tests you will need to pass in order to become an officer are:

  1. Beep Test
  2. Sit-ups
  3. Press-ups
  4. Obstacle Course
  5. 2.4km timed run

Beep Test

The Multi Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) more commonly known as the Beep Test, is used to measure your cardiovascular fitness.beep-test-diagram

You will be required to run continuously between the two markers set 20 metres apart, each time reaching the marker before the “beep”.

The beep will sound at set intervals and typically there are 21 levels of difficulty. As you progress through each level, the time between each beep is reduced, forcing you to run faster to reach the marker in time. Each level lasts around 62 seconds and level one requires you to keep a pace of 8.5 km/h.

Your score will be determined as the level you reach when you are no longer able to reach the marker before the beep sounds. This is when the test will finish.

Beep Test Requirements

To pass this test you must reach the following minimum levels:

Male – Level 10.2

Female – Level 8.1


The sit-up is a great measure of your abdominal and trunk strength. There are various types of sit-ups, but the British Army have a standard form. For a repetition to count during your test, learn the correct way below.Sit-up

Your feet will be held down and kept in place by a partner to give you more stability while performing sit-ups.

The correct start position – Lay on your back with your head straight and touching the floor. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle and feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms over your chest with fingers touching your shoulders.

The Sit-up – In a controlled manner, sit up until your upper body is in a vertical position. Then lower your body back to the original starting position, ensuring your shoulder blades touch the floor before starting the next repetition.

Sit-up Test Requirements

To pass this test, you will need to complete 50 correct form sit-ups within 2 minutes. This figure applies to both male and female applicants.


The press-up is an excersise that utilises most of the major muscle groups in your upper body and is a great indicator of overall upper body strength.

Similar to sit-ups, the British Army have a standard form that must be followed during the test for each of your repetitions to be counted.Press-up

The starting position – Keep your back and legs straight with your arms locked and hands shoulder width apart. You fingers should be facing forwards, with palms flat against the floor.

Keeping your back and legs straight, bend your arms and lower your body until your chest is almost touching the floor. At this point you can start straighten your arms and lift yourself back into the starting position. This will be counted as 1 full rep.

Press-up Test Requirements

You will have two minutes to complete the minimum required amount for your gender.

Men – 44 complete press-ups using correct form

Women – 21 complete press-ups using correct form

For the AOSB Main Board Selection you will also be required to complete an individual obstacle course

Obstacle Course

The timed obstacle course is designed to test your combined strength, speed and agility. The course includes:

  • High Wallobstacle course1
  • 2 high hurdles
  • A long Jump
  • Rope Swing
  • Barred steps carrying a “burden” (A heavy and difficult to carry object)

You have 3 minutes to finish this course and see how many circuits you are able to complete within the time limit.

It is said that if you complete two full circuits you have done well, a third is impressive and a 4th is elite and extremely difficult.

2.4km (1.5 Mile) Timed Run

The run has strict pass times which must be beaten in order to become a British Army Officer. The run is carried out on a flat and hard surface, usually a track.

The times that you have to complete the 2.4km are as follows:

Men –  10mins 30 seconds

Women – 13mins



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    • Hi Josh

      You have to realise that the whole training is extremely demanding and tiring. You will be pushed to your limit and given little time to rest the whole time you are there. You may get a short breather but you will be repeating various exercises and doing various PT throughout the selection process

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